Three Florida Schools Unite For Lag Baomer Parade

In the spirit of Hakhel, a Grand Lag Baomer Rally and Parade was held at the Cheder Chabad campus in Florida, bringing together Cheder Chabad, Lanaar Elementary School, and Pardes Day School, with over 600 participants.

In the spirit of Hakhel and achdus a Grand Lag Baomer Rally and Parade was held at the Cheder Chabad campus in Florida, which brought together three schools and their families. Participating schools were Cheder Chabad Florida, Lanaar Elementary School, and Pardes Day School, with over 600 participants.

The event began with an uplifting rally, which had the students reciting Pesukim, hearing a message from the Rebbe, and celebrating the Tzivos Hashem generals. Followed by a joyous parade with each school marching, proudly displaying their decorated posters and the creative floats they worked hard to put together. Live music played as the parade marched on, the atmosphere of Yiddishe and Chassidishe pride was palpable. 

The students enjoyed a festive fair with rides, moon bounces, and an incredible bike show, while clowns entertained the crowd. A delicious BBQ and snacks added to the excitement. 

“This rally was truly remarkable and unique, it was unbelievably special” said Rabbi & Mrs. Matusof, Directors of Cheder Chabad, “we hope to see many more events, collaborating with other schools.”

“It was an honor for our school to participate in the Hakhel Lag BaOmer parade at Cheder Chabad and collaborate with both Cheder and Lanaar.” Shared Rabbi Druin, principal of Pardes Day School, “Witnessing the unity and enthusiasm of the students during the rally, the parade, the BMX show, and the many other exciting attractions was heartwarming. This event truly brought everyone together and fostered an incredible sense of Achdus. It will definitely be the first of many more united events to come!”

The glowing feedback from the parents was a testament to the success of the event.

One parent from Cheder said, “I could see the incredible detail that went into the event, comparable to Lag Baomer in Crown Heights. My kids were so happy, they came home full of Chayus! This was truly amazing work on behalf of you and your staff. We are proud to be a part of this school wide community.” 

“My children couldn’t stop talking about the Lag Baomer parade when they came home.” A parent whose children attend Pardes Day School shared “They mentioned how nice it was to be with friends from Cheder, Lanaar, and Pardes which is a great sense of unity. The Chassidshe atmosphere was uplifting” they said, “and the parade had extremely nice floats, I’m grateful for this beautiful Achdus event they experienced!”

“My kids were all so happy and came home saying they want to become a general in Tzivos Hashem!” another parent from Lanaar shared, “There is no greater Nachas than that”. 

A tremendous thank you to the administrators of Cheder Chabad Rabbi Zash Itkin, Rabbi Yehuda Matusof, Morah Nechama Lapidus, Morah Sara Krinsky for organizing this event. It was a beautiful reminder of the power of Hakhel and the importance of Achdus.

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