How Can We Remain So Silent? 

From the Inbox: In the past few weeks, a number of Jews were victims of horrific beatings. We expect news of the perps arrests, but instead, we hear deafening silence.

By Zalman Phillips

Jews are a merciful people, and they especially feel for their own brethren. When they hear of another Jews distress it affects them directly, prompting them into action whenever possible. I don’t want to cause more anguish and pain to the readers by having them think of stressful events, but how would we feel if we were to know that our fellow brothers were attacked viciously in broad daylight? How far would we go to protect them? 

Imagine if I were to tell you that we have the power to prevent this from happening again, how much would you invest in this? 

In case you have not heard, within the past few weeks, Jews were victims of horrific beatings which sent them to the hospital. No, not across the world or in a storybook, but right here in Crown Heights! 

When seeing such painful headlines, we expected news of the perpetrators’ arrests to be immediately following. 

Surprisingly, it is extremely quiet. 

When hearing more details of the vicious crimes, it makes us wonder how is it possible that they were not yet apprehended? 

The only idea that comes to mind is: lack of interest. Yes, if the police know they will get condemned by arresting the perpetrators, and the Jews are nice and quiet, why should they put their necks out? 

I don’t want to wait for anything else to ch”v happen until we wake up, I think we need to give out now the message that Jewish blood is not cheap. 

If anyone remembers, around ten to fifteen years ago we made a protest outside the police station which was extremely effective. 

Maybe it’s time for another one? 

The situation now is indeed very different. The police want to do the right thing, the bad elements are coming out of Albany. 

The police are constantly being discouraged from doing their job of protecting innocent people and arresting criminals. 

If we are to survive in this situation, we need to make our voices heard to balance that out. We are not against the police, we are for them. We need to make clear what is important. NYC itself says: if you’re not at the table, you’re on the menu.


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  1. Important points: What about a SUPPORT for police rally at the police station, including the protest being a message to Albany that police should be able to do their courageous jobs including helping protect Jews. I do believe it needs to be combined with tefilla— and kosher donuts for police and tefillin can be brought just in case. Imagine with beautiful signs, including by children— we support the NYPD. Hakaras hatov etc. Meanwhile, lots of tefilla. And let’s get ready to greet Moshiach.

    1. If you can fix up Albany, kol hakavod. I’ll vote for you for state senator or donate to your rally in Albany.
      I am a little pessimistic they will get fixed anytime too soon.
      Maybe lets focus asking the police to at least PLEASE arrest those dangerous perps!
      How the state/ justice system decides to deal with them afterwards is another story, but at least arrest them..

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