New Derher Offers Stress-Free Path to Parnasah

An upcoming Derher article, titled ‘Blessing and Success’, unpacks the subject of working at parnasah in great detail. From the fundamental ideas to inspiring stories, encouraging words and practical spiritual and physical tips from the Rebbe to actually boost your parnasah.

300 Lubavitchers Head Off to Kazakhstan

Nearly 300 Lubavitchers headed to JFK airport on Tuesday afternoon to board a chartered flight to Kazakhstan, where they will be visiting the Ohel of Harav Levi Yitzchok Schneerson on his yahrzeit, Chof Av. On the way they stopped by Chabad of the Airport, run by Rabbi Yossi Rap.

Rabbi Shalom Jacobson, 74, AH

Rabbi Shalom Jacobson, who served as a member of Vaad L’Hafotzas Sichos which published the Rebbe’s sichos, and served as a mashpia in Crown Heights, passed away on Tuesday, 18 Av. Levaya will take place on Wednesday.

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