Shechita Comes to Life For Bochurim at Kingston Mesivta

International Shochet, Hatomim Eliyahu Ezagui, brought shechita to life at the Mesivta of Kingston, PA, with an in-depth shiur at the Mesivta, followed by a shechita and hands-on bedika by the bochurim.

International Shochet, Hatomim Eliyahu Ezagui, is known for his excursions to shecht in far-flung locations such as Jamaica, Belize, Nicaragua, Ecuador, and Peru among others. But this time it was about teaching and demonstrating the details of shechita to a group of bochurim at the Mesivta in nearby Kingston, PA.

Starting with an in-depth shiur, Rabbi Ezagui explained everything that goes into a proper shechita, and the challenges he encountered when shechting in remote locations. The bochurim asked questions and inspected his chalofim.

Then the bochurim set out for the farmland property, just outside of Kingston, where an animal would be shechted. After enjoying the outdoors, they prepared for the shechita.

After it was shechted and hoisted up, the shochet began to examine the animal, showing the bochurim each part and its relevant halachos. Bochurim were given the opportunity to check the animal themselves and feel the parts.

The evening concluded with an enjoyable barbeque and uplifting bonfire.

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