Kosher Shechita In Nicaragua Is Country’s First

The Central American country of Nicaragua was host to its first-ever local shechita, carried out by shochet Eliyahu Ezagui who traveled to the country from Crown Heights especially for the run.

By reporter

The Central American country of Nicaragua, was host to its a kosher shechita this past week, the first in the country’s history.

Organized by local Rabbi Dovid Atar, the shechita was made possible by shochet Eliyahu Ezagui, who traveled to the country from Crown Heights especially for the shechita run.

The shechita run included a large number of cattle and sheep that will enable Jewish visitors to Nicaragua and Jews of the local community to eat locally sourced kosher meat.

A certified shochet, Ezagui has done dozens of such Shchita runs for Chabad Houses worldwide, including two recent trips to Belize and Jamaica. Animals are slaughtered with the highest kosher standards to ensure that every Jewish visitor will have kosher meat to eat.

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