Sephardic Community in Crown Heights Marks Triple Hiloula

Photos: Mendy Dahan/

A triple Hiloula, marking the yahrzeits of the Rambam, the Alter Rebbe and Rabbi Yaacov Abuhatzeira, was celebrated on Sunday night in Crown Heights.

Photos: Mendy Dahan/

As in past years, Merkaz Sefarad once again partnered with the descendants and family of Rabbi Yaacov Abuhatzeira to celebrate his Yahrzeit which corresponds with the Hiloulot of the Rambam and Alter Rebbe.

Rabbi Yaacov Abuhatzeira is the grandfather of the Baba Sali זצוק”ל whose Hiloula is two weeks later, on 4 Shevat. 20 Tevet is also the Hiloula of the Rambam, and the grandfather of Rabbi Chaim ben Attar, otherwise known as the Or Hachaim Hakadosh.

The annual Hiloula was held just days before 24 Tevet, which is the Hiloula of the Alter Rebbe.

Over 130 men and women joined the Hiloula which was organized and led by the Rav of Merkaz Sefarad, Rabbi Eliezer (Lazer) Avtzon, for an evening of inspiration, Divrei Torah and Piyutim.


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