Ohr Menachem’s ‘Upper Elementary’ Graduate 11-Month School Year

Photos: Oded Kaizerman/Anash.org

Following 11 packed months of Limud Hatorah, the ‘Upper Elementary’ of Cheder Ohr Menachem in Crown Heights graduated on Tuesday to great fanfare.

Photos: Oded Kaizerman/Anash.org

Following 11 packed months of Limud Hatorah with Geshmak and Davening with much chayus, the time has come to graduate and step up to next level!

As reported in regard to the younger Kitos, Tuesday is finally the turn for Cheder ‘Ohr Menachem’s upper elementary’ to graduate.

Fathers, mothers, and the graduating Kitos Daled, Hey, Vov and Zayen pack the grand ULY hall gearing up for a spectacular event. The event is opened with a Sicha from the Rebbe on the meaning of a Siyum and how graduating is but a stepping stone for greater heights.

Emceeing the event was Rabbi Zalman Goldstein of the Hanhala. He invited the leader of Ohr Menachem continuum mosdos Rabbi Mendel Hendel to read the Rebbe’s letter addressing the תלמידים המסיימים.

The first Kita to come up and present alongside their melamed Rabbi Dovber Bryski was Kita Daled Talmidim. They presented their amazing achievement of completing 8 Prokim Tanya Baal Peh by repeating by-heart vast parts of Tanya! Note: This is a milestone of each and every single Talmid of the Kita.

The Menahel Rabbi Mendel Yusewitz then presented each boy with his end-of-year certificate while emphasizing the unique Shevach-praise chosen by his Melamed to define his unique light and addition this year to the class.

Kita Hey with Rabbi Yisroel Botnick and Rabbi Moshe Javen led the 12 Pesukim and Maamorei Razal the Rebbe chose for every Chayol to know and consistently review.

Next were Talmidei Kita Vov, with their Melamed Rabbi Levi Belinov. They were applauded and specially rewarded for committing to memory – all learning all the Mishnayos learned in class!

Before the ‘stars of the evening’ Kita Zayen take to the stage, Rabbi Kalman Weinfeld addressed and thanked the cheder on behalf of the parents for giving his Kinderlach such a special Chinuch. He pointed out how lucky we are to have a real authentic shtetl life chinuch in the present day! With such unique and special mechamchim.

Now finally Kita Zayen, … the graduating class for 5783…

First, a valedictorian Hatomim Sholom Leib Wircburg represented all the graduates! Thanked his Melamdim throughout the entire cheder journey up to his current melamdim and mechanchim Rabbi Yisroel Greenberg and Rabbi Chanoch Hecht of Kita Zayen. Sholom Leib shared many anecdotes and experiences he and his chaveirim shared while growing through his Cheder years.

The vice principal Rabbi Yossef Overlander then thanked the producers of the event Rabbi Avrohom Rainitz and Reb Shlomo Frishman! Then he called upon Rabbi Chanoch Hecht – who coordinated the Tanya Baal Peh program- bring to the event to it’s culmination and highlight: Talmidim receiving their Seforim gifts for their major accomplishments in Tanya and Mishnayos Baal Peh.

The Menahel Rabbi Yusewitz then took the opportunity to present every Ohr Menachem Mechanech with a special gift and Sefer on Chinuch – he thanked Hashem publicly for the Zechus and Brocha to have such a unique and special team of Mechanchim!

All left uplifted as smiling Talmidim eagerly look forward to next year in a higher Kita, in Yerushalayim’s Ohr Menachem with Moshiach now!

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