Cheder Ohr Menachem Completes School Year

Photos: Dovber Hechtman/

In keeping with the Rebbe’s desire, Cheder Ohr Menachem of Crown Heights remained in session until Tisha B’av, with all the children learning with a special chayus. On Thursday, they held a graduation ceremony to mark the completion of another successful year.

Photos: Dovber Hechtman/

Some think ‘Graduation-season’ is far gone… well, No.

Just this Thursday, 7 Av, Cheder ‘Ohr Menachem’ Crown Heights proudly completed Shnas halimudim 5782!

Following a half day of learning in cheder, the younger division gathered in the Eshel Hall. The graduation was emceed by Rabbi Zalman Goldstein. The event began, and a special letter of the Rebbe addressing the Chagigas HaSiyum was read. The Rebbe congratulated the Talmidim, Melamdim and parents on this milestone, and continued to explain the unique objectives of summer vacation. The letter was read by Rabbi Mendel Hendel.

In the presence of their mommies, Rabbi Baruch Paris with his talmidim in kita alef led the 12 pesukim. They received their certificates and were applauded for their major achievements this year!

We were honored to hear from the Mara D’asra Rabbi Yosef Yeshaya Braun Bentched the Talmidim on behalf of the Badatz. The Rav shared how appropriate this siyum is, as we find ourselves in the 9 days when the Rebbe requested siyumim, “a siyum of tens of talmidim, who learned through the summer is a huge simcha, and nachas to the Rebbe.”

A real special part of the graduation is the seeing Talmidim receiving their teuda marking completing the grade – with a personal unique trait of every talmid. The Menahel Rabbi Mendel Yusewitz introduced the teudos with a personal mazal tov to all. He noted how the extra month of this Shana Meuberes was maximized to boost Limud Hatorah. Baruch Hashem all classes surpassed their curriculum and reached new heights.

Before receiving their teuda, every class prepared a presentation: Kita beis and their Melamed Rabbi Baruch Shalom Schwei led the Rebbe’s Kapitel then Rabbi Tanchum Abrams with his talmidim of Kita Gimmel presented their unbelievable success with the Tanya Baal Peh system. All Talmidim completed 6 perokim by heart!!! They all presented together Tanya Perek Vov.

The culmination and the highlight of the graduation was seeing the Talmidim receiving their Seforim gifts for Tanya and Mishnayos Baal Peh.

The prizes for were distributed by the vice principal Rabbi Yossef Overlander and Rabbi Chanoch Hecht -who coordinated the Tanya Baal Peh program.

All left uplifted as smiling talmidim eagerly look forward to next year in a higher kita, in Yerushalayim with Moshiach now!

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