Lahak Publishes a Unique Maamar for a Unique Shabbos

Despite the difficult situation, Lahak Hanachos only increased their efforts to spread the Rebbe’s Torah and published an booklet with a ma’amar on the topic of healing, dedicated to Rabbis Chaim Shaul Brook and Yisroel Shimon Kalmenson and all those who need a refuah shleima.

For the past 28 years consecutively, from the time we longer merited to hear new Sichos and Maamorim from the Rebbe, Lahak Hanochos has published a weekly booklet of Sichos — disseminated in paper, online, and in the weekly Devar Malchus — eagerly awaited by Chassidim around the globe. For over forty years in total, Lahak has toiled day and night to bring the Rebbe’s Torah, said originally in Yiddish, to Lashon Hakodesh.

Even during these difficult weeks, the work continues with dedication. Last week, Lahak representatives in Anash communities worldwide made every effort to disseminate the booklets, in spite of the closures of the Shuls. They distributed them at doorsteps and placed special stands in local grocery stores. 

This week, in light of the difficult situation, Lahak has published a new booklet alongside the regular ‘Hisvaadus’ booklet, containing a Maamar on the topic of healing — Vehaisir Hashem Mimcha Kol Choli, 5721. Several pirsum rishon letters and maanos were also included in the hosafos. The study of the Rebbe words about Refuah will no doubt bring solace, encouragement and inspiration to all those in need of it, and most of all — literal Refuah.

The regular booklet marks the approach of Yud Alef Nissan and contains a portion of Rebbe’s 5733 Yud Alef Nissan farbrengen, including the Hadran and the Rebbe’s explanation to his Kapitel that year.

The preparation, publishing and dissemination of these booklets are dedicated in the merit of Reb Chaim Shaul ben Chana and Reb Yisrael Shimon ben Bas Sheva, two members of Lahak who personally devoted time to producing the content. May the zchus bring them — among all Yidden — a speedy Refuah Sheleima.

Pursuant to an online Shiur and Farbrengen last week, in Zchus of a Refuah Shleima, a group of friends decided to donate to sponsor the upcoming 70th Volume of Toras Menachem, and the 71th Volume, through personal donations to Lahak.

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