Public Asked to Learn Ma’amarim About Healing

Lahak Hanachos has published a booklet of two of the Rebbe’s ma’amarim discussing ‘refuah’, and are asking the public to study the ma’amarim and say tehillim for the speedy recovery of Rabbi Chaim Shaul Brook.

By reporter

With the spread of coronavirus worldwide, and the mass panic and confusion it brought in its wake, everyone is searching for some sense behind all the madness.

As chassidim, we know that the first place we turn to is the Rebbe‘s Torah. Whether for inspiration, guidance or something additional to learn as a zechus for the virus to end, we open a sefer of the Rebbe and delve into the holy words.

To that effect, Lahak Hanachos has published a special booklet containing two of the Rebbe’s ma’amarim. Both ma’amarim begin with the possuk from Sefer Yirmiyahu – “רְפָאֵנִי ה’ וְאֵרָפֵא” ‘Heal me, Hashem, then shall I be healed’. One ma’amar is from the year 5721, and the second from 5724. The booklet also contains previously unpublished letters from the Rebbe on the topics of health and healing.

In the introduction to the booklet, the publishers write that the booklet is being published “in connection with the terrible situation around the world, with many needing a special yeshua in the area of health.”

The booklet is dedicated in the merit of all those who need a refuah shleima and a special dedication was given by all the members of Lahak Hanachos in the merit of Rabbi Chaim Shaul Brook, Chaim Shaul ben Chana, the tireless director of Lahak, who has dedicated his life to disseminating the Rebbe’s Torah.

Lahak Hanachos is requesting that everyone learn these ma’amarim and continue saying Tehillim in the merit of Reb Chaim Shaul and all those who need a refuah shleima.

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