Lahak’s Director Comes Home

Rabbi Chaim Shaul Brook, who was hospitalized due to the coronavirus, was released from the hospital and is on his way to recovery.

By reporter

As reported on, Rabbi Chaim Shaul Brook, director of Lahak Hanochos fell ill with the coronavirus. He was hospitalized, but was now released, and is BH on the way to a full recovery.

While he was hospitalized, Lahak Hanachos began a campaign to cover the costs of the next five volumes of Toras Menachem in his merit. Over $100,000 was raised to cover the costs of printing volumes 70 and 71 of Toras Menachem.

In addition, Lahak Hanachos published a booklet of two ma’marim discussing refuah in Rabbi Brook’s merit and in merit of all those who need a refuah shleima. Just after Shabbos, a second booklet containing an additional maamar on the topic of refuah was published.

Anash are asked to continue davening for Chaim Shaul ben Chana for a complete recovery and to daven for Rabbi Yisroel Shimon Kalmenson, a member of the editorial team of Lahak, who is also infected with coronavirus. Please say Tehillim for Yisroel Shimon ben Bas Sheva and all those who need a recovery.

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