Help Print Toras Menachem In Merit of Lahak’s Director

Lahak Hanachos has begun a campaign to cover the costs of the next five volumes of Toras Menachem, in the merit of Rabbi Chaim Shaul Brook, who is need of a refuah shleima.

By reporter

Even with coronavirus shutting down full cities, Lahak Hanachos is not resting at their mission of making all the Rebbe’s Torah available to everyone.

Only recently they released volume 68 of Toras Menachem, and volume 69 is in the final stages of preparation. The work on volumes 70 and 71 is continuing full force, with plans to have them out this year, the 71st year of the Rebbe’s leadership.

Now, Lahak Hanachos is turning to us for our help. With their director, Rabbi Chaim Shaul Brook, in need of a refuah shleima due to the coronavirus, they are turning to the public to dedicate an upcoming volume of Toras Menachem and take some of the financial burden of his shoulders.

On their website, one can choose to dedicate upcoming volumes 71-75, to dedicate a weekly booklet, or just to give a donation towards the unprecedented hafatzas hamayanos done by Lahak Hanachos.

“In the past 24 hours, over $100,000 came in,” said organizers, “but that is only a small part of the expenses for the upcoming projects.”

“We encourage everyone who benefited from the hundreds of seforim printed by Lahak to donate, and we daven that it will hasten the speedy recovery of Chaim Shaul ben Chana” they said.

Click here to dedicate a future volume of Toras Menachem.

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