YU Shabbaton Wraps Up With Joyous Concert

Photos: Oded Kaizerman/Anash.org

Following an uplifting Shabbaton in Crown Heights, 100 students from Yeshiva University gathered at Oholei Torah Ballroom for a grand Melaveh Malkah Banquet, featuring the Zushe Experience.

By Anash.org reporter
Photos: Oded Kaizerman/Anash.org

Over 100 students from Yeshiva University converged on Crown Heights for the annual ‘Chabad YU Shabbaton’, where they spent Shabbos learning, davening, farbrenging and enjoying an authentic Chassidic experience. 

On Shabbos morning, the group rose early to recite the entire Tehillim, followed by Chassidus together with Rabbi Yisroel Glick. Davening was held in the Oholei Torah Zal with “Reb Michoel’s Minyan”.

After davening, everyone came together for a grand Shabbos lunch punctuated by lively singing and Divrei Torah from Oholei Torah and YU students. Shabbos afternoon farbrengen was led by Rabbi Shmuly Avtzon, director of Sichos in English.

Following mincha, a rapid-fire Q&A – Stump the Rabbi with Rabbi Levi Garelik esteemed rov, mashpia, orator and author. Rabbi Garelik responded to a wild assortment of questions submitted by YU and OT students, with no subject being too controversial.

The Shabbaton concluded with a Melaveh Malkah Banquet, featuring the Zushe Experience. The Melaveh Malkah ended with lively dancing, and as the YU students boarded the buses to return to YU.

YU students offered overwhelmingly positive feedback, ecstatically discussing how much they enjoyed the Shabbaton, which is making a buzz on campus. Some students reported that the Shabbaton allowed them to appreciate Chabad and chassidus more than they had previously had. For others, it only reinforced positive feelings.

This Shabbaton is being arranged by a number of Oholei Torah Shiur Daled Bochrim, with the help of Rabbi Levi Sputz, the new Shliach at YU, as well as Chabad Club @ YU’s president Jakey Fishman. A big thank you was given to big thank you to Keren Meir, which stands behind many of the Chabad Club @ YU projects.

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