Young Shluchim Thrilled with Personal ‘Kinus in a Box’

Young Shluchim are counting down the final hours until the Kinus Tzeirei Hashluchim of the Shluchim Office as they receive the personalized Kinus box and prepare with the interactive Hachana program. 

With the release of the Kinus song and head staff announcement, excitement is building in the homes of thousands of Shluchim across the world. Throughout the past week, Young Shluchim attending the virtual track have been receiving their very own, personalized Kinus box in the mail. 

The box comes complete with a Yarmulka, T-shirt, learning booklets, special treats, and everything needed for the programs and activities, giving each child the full Kinus experience shipped right to their door.

“We just got the virtual Kinus package in the mail, wow!! It’s amazing, my son is so excited,” shared Mrs. Mussy Groner, Shlucha to Atlanta, Georgia. “From the little L’chaim cup to the treats and the beautiful Yarmulka, he loves it all!”

Starting on Monday, all 2,000 Young Shluchim in both tracks have been preparing with the interactive Hachana, a five-day program designed to prepare each child for the incredible Kinus ahead, featuring Sichos, exciting games, stories, and missions. 

The Hachana booklet is available for download at, with the opportunity to fill out a daily report and enter to win amazing prizes.

Visit for all the latest updates for this years’ Kinus. For questions, email [email protected].

The Kinus Tzeirei Hashluchim is a project of the Shluchim Office.

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