Yeshivas Lubavitch Toronto Launches “Tangible Growth” Campaign

Yeshivas Lubavitch Toronto (YLT) under the leadership of Rabbi Akiva Wagner has cultivated an unceasing wellspring of growth. They are now holding a campaign to help them take the next steps.

Yeshivas Lubavitch Toronto (YLT) under the leadership of Rabbi Akiva Wagner has cultivated an unceasing wellspring of growth. As one of the foremost Lubavitch Yeshivos, YLT has sown the seeds of growth that have ripened into lighthouses of empowerment around the world.

The indelible imprint of YLT, visible in the countless accomplished alumni, from roshei yeshivos, rabbanim, shluchim, entrepreneurs, and leaders in different fields, their success is attributed to the nurturing environment that YLT provides.

In the spirit of YLT’s recent astounding renovations, itself a direct impact of the outpouring support of thousands in our last campaign, and with the spirit of never-ending growth imbued in our walls, YLT has now purchased a brand new dormitory, only seconds away from the Yeshiva, to further enhance and be home to the success of tomorrow.

Maintaining this standard of rank comes with a cost. With a mortgage now added to the bill, and many in-dorm remodeling underway, the challenges are apparent.

On behalf of Rabbi Wagner, students and family have launched a fundraiser to help the Yeshiva financially, and ensure that the current financial constraints will not compromise the spiritual growth the Yeshiva toils to create.

The fundraiser begins its 55-hour timer this Motzaei Shabbos, with a goal of $700,000. The first day of the campaign coincides with the 55th birthday of Rabbi Wagner, as an attempt to express appreciation for the 26 years of ongoing success, during which he invested his very self.

It is our hope that with Hashem’s help, and our joint efforts, we can achieve this goal and enable the Yeshiva to prosper while the Rosh Yeshiva awaits his well-deserved complete and speedy recovery.

An investment in YLT is the direct production of “Tangible Growth”: Be a Part – Buy a Part.

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