Yeshivas Lubavitch Toronto Gets Complete Makeover

A year in the making and Yeshivas Lubavitch Toronto has at last completed its remodeling of the Yeshiva interior as well as hiring a new Menahel Ruchni, Menahel Gashmi and Mashgiach.

After 25 years of operation par excellence, the Yeshiva under the care of Rabbi Akiva Wagner has changed countless lives.

Over the course of the previous year, the Yeshiva has seen yet another change.

Making great strides into furthering the success of the Yeshiva b’gashmius u’b’ruchnius, the Yeshiva implemented numerous upgrades geared towards further growth.

Under the attentive guidance of Rabbi Wagner (may he be well), a new Menahel Ruchni Rabbi Leibel Ceitlin was appointed, and alongside him a new Mashgiach Rabbi Meir Nachum Friedman, to further enhance the learning, structure, and Chayus in Yeshiva.  

Another turning point has been the appointment of a Menahel Gashmi Rabbi Shmulie Teitlebaum, who has helped lift the yeshiva into a new phase of Gashmius’dike development.

One look at the bright room and you know what changed. Everything.

New walls, flooring, lighting, ceiling, tables, etc. give the Yeshiva a vibrant and modern look making it as comfortable as possible for the continued Chayus in learning.

Of course, a good day begins with a good night. And a good night starts with a comfortable dorm. Top to bottom the dorms have been remodeled as well with new bathrooms, showers, flooring, lighting, windows, beds, etc. Once only a dream, the dorms have achieved a standard far higher than “satisfactory.”

To top it all off, the Yeshiva is now closing on a brand new dorm only seconds away from the Yeshiva building.

The Yeshiva is tremendously grateful for the outpouring of support of all the alumni and friends of Yeshiva in the last Yeshiva campaign. None of this would have been possible without your help. From the bottom of our heart – Thank You!

These projects are part of YLT’s continued commitment to providing an enhanced environment of growth and learning. Take a look at the newly remodeled YLT and witness the excellence firsthand.

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