What is Anshei Moshe?

Just a short walk from 770 stands a small walk-in Shul and Beis Medrash that provides a warm hub for Chassidim of the Rebbe who want to live their life beyond the grind.

Does Chassidus work? Is Elokus real?

These are questions that exist in a world, and while living this world’s “helem” reality. The gift our Rabbeim gave us through Chassidus is the ability to crack the code. However, it takes a community to make that happen day-to-day.

We are all ‘Anshei Moshe’! we all learned in yeshiva, we know right from wrong. What is missing is the support of a “shtetl” where that’s crying out of every nook-and-cranny. Eight years ago, that’s what Rabbi Mendel Yusewitz, Rabbi Getzel Rubashkin, and Rabbi Zalmy Negin, what we set as the goal.

By now, so many Chassidim in Crown Heights have already experienced this bracha, so many shluchim bring their mekuravim when they come in. We finally decided to move forward with a very needed expansion. Now with most of the job done, we need your help to get the doors open!

Please Donate Generously at BuildingAnsheiMoshe.com to help ‘Raise a Light-house’ in the Rebbe’s Shechuna.

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[See Reb Mottel Gurary’s Words On This Community here.

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