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New on A weekly shiur by Dayan Levi Yitzchok Raskin, Rov of Anash in London, explores interesting Torah questions and halachic dilemmas.

The following issues are discussed by Rabbi Raskin in this week’s episode:

1) 7 Mitzvos for Bnei Noach: Guidance from the Rebbe זי”ע re. publishing.

2) Revisiting the Sous Vide.

3) Braiding hair with two groups of hair instead the usual three.

4) Reuven sold an antique Sefer to Shimon for a nominal sum. Shimon recognized the name of the original owner. This makes the Sefer worth x20 of what he paid. Is Shimon obligated to pay Reuven the difference?

5) May we use of food for recreation: e.g. painting with tomato paste; potatoes as stamps for painting?

6) We’re planning a Zoom ‘Coffee Evening’. For this we wish to deliver to each participant a special mug and spoon. Some of our contacts may not toivel these utensils before the event. Is there a way for us to do so?

7) The front of my house is not separated by a wall from the street. However, the stoop is a covered area, enclosed by three walls. May I carry there?

8) Does the entrance to the stoop require a separate Mezuzah?

9) Several small loaves of bread were kneaded and baked separately. They were then all placed into a basket. The loaves now combine to form a quantity to warrant Challah to be separated. How about several cakes that were placed in one freezer?

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