Watch: Panorama of Halacha feature: A weekly shiur by Dayan Levi Yitzchok Raskin, Rov of Anash in London, explores interesting Torah questions and halachic dilemmas.

The following issues are discussed by Rabbi Raskin in this week’s episode:

  1. Story about the Alef-Beis chart in the beginning of the Chabad Sidur: [1]
  2. After having some wine, I had some beer. I didn’t recite a separate brocho for the beer, because it’s covered by the brocho on the wine. I then recited the after-brocho for the wine. If I wish to drink more beer, do I need to say a brocho Shehakol? [2]
  3. When does one do an Opsher for a boy who turns three on Chol HaMoed Succos? [3]
  4. In front of my front door there is an archway and a small porch. Does it require a separate Mezuzah? [4]
  5. Our bedroom has an en-suite bathroom, which leads to spacious dressing room. Should the Mezuza for the dressing room be affixed within the bathroom? [5]
  6. May I listen to a podcast that was recorded by a non-religious Jew on Shabbos? [6]
  7. In a Chabad House, the hotplate was accidentally disconnected. In order to have hot cholent, may one ask a non-Jew to reconnect the supply of energy? [7]
  8. As a general rule, earthenware cannot be Kashered. What if a dish absorbed meat yesterday and milk today, is it kasherable? [8]
  9. One who said ותן טל ומטר after Succos before the correct switch-over time [in EY: 7th Cheshvan; elsewhere: 5th December?]; is he obliged to repeat the Shmone Esrei? [9]
  10. Some time ago I bought Seforim online and paid by credit card, but I didn’t receive the goods. I tried to contact the vendor by phone, to no avail. May I contact the credit card company and ask for a refund, or is this Mesirah? [10]

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[1] ראה ס’ נופת צופים מהרה”ק מקוריץ אות קיט.

[2]  פסקי תשובות סי’ קעט סק”ה כתב שברכה אחרונה אינה עושה סילוק לגבי שאר מאכלים. ורק שיש ליזהר מברכה שא”צ.

[3] בשערי תשובה סי’ תקלא מתיר. לכאורה אם החמרנו לא לעשות בר”ח – משום צוואת ריה”ח, כ”ש להחמיר בחוה”מ. בשלחן מנחם ח”ב ע’ רב מבחין ביניהם. שבח הברית מעיד להקל.

[4] ס’ שכל טוב סי’ רפט אות נח.

[5] פתחי שערים סימן רפו אות עה.

[6]  פסקי תשובות סימן שיח סקי”ב – בדבר מסעדה וכו’. אך שם סק”ח מקיל במלאכה האסורה מדרבנן.

[7]  בסי’ רעו ס”ח מחמיר אדה”ז אפילו לצורך גדול. ורק שאין למחות ביד המקילין.

[8] בן איש חי, שנה ב פ’ קרח סעיף ט.

[9] ס’ שגיאות מי יבין סימן יג.

[10] שוע”ר חו”מ דיני נזקי ממון ס”א.

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  1. as far as a guy plugging in the hot plate–if he does it so he could eat hot food–is it permiable for a jew to eat it once it is hot ?

  2. On the previous shiur you mention on Simha Torah actually somebody ask why you would say birkatkohanim in Mustaf just I would like to point out that this custom came from the Levush to say it only in schacris and this for the ashkenazi community that hold of this custom
    But sefardim did not accept this custom and they say bircat K in shachrit and musaf and will be odd that in certain communities they say Birkat K in musaf and other communities not mention it at all!

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