Watch: Panorama of Halacha feature: A weekly shiur by Dayan Levi Yitzchok Raskin, Rov of Anash in London, explores interesting Torah questions and halachic dilemmas.

The following issues are discussed by Rabbi Raskin in this week’s episode:

  1. The Head Tefilin are supposed to be centered above the wearer’s hairline. Is there any basis to differentiate between Rashi or Rabenu Tam tefillin? [1]
  2. On Shabbos, may one eat chocolate that has writing on the surface? [2]
  3. We are looking into renting a holiday venue for our family. We found a place that has its own open-air swimming pool, and we look forward to enjoying this facility, with separate sessions for the menfolk and separate sessions for the ladies and girls. We are concerned, however, that the pool is within view of a neighboring property. Is there a measure of distance from the viewer to allow us to ignore our exposure to others when bathing? [3]
  4. Is there a preference to have one’s hair cut by a Jewish barber? [4]
  5. Having heard Havdolo before davening Maariv, should I include אתה חוננתנו in Maariv? [5]
  6. The Kitzur SA writes that when saying ואנחנו לא נדע we sit up, and when saying לא נדע we rise. The AR doesn’t bring this custom. What is Minhag Chabad? [6]
  7. My late aunt had a very devoted non-Jewish carer, over many years. My cousin – the only daughter of my aunt – had a weakness for gambling. To feed this need of hers, she would borrow money from the non-Jewish carer, amounting over the years to a very substantial sum. Now that my aunt passed away, the carer is pursuing my cousin to settle the debt. My cousin denies the claim, and the carer has asked me to testify in court to confirm the veracity of her claim. Should I cooperate with the claimant? [7] To add: my relationship with my cousin has not been great at all. If I testify against her, I will probably never be able to rebuild a positive relationship.
  8. BH our Chabad House has some funds to put away (for a future building project). May we invest the money meanwhile, at high-risk/low-risk? [8]

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[1]  סדור אדמו”ר הזקן הלכות תפילין. רשימת היומן ע’ שכב.

[2] רמ”א או”ח סי’ שמ; מג”א שם סוף סק”ו [אותיות החקיקה הן אלימות משל כתיבה, אבל לגבי חשש מחיקה, יותר יש לחשוש באותיות הכתיבה]; דגול מרבבה שם; שוע”ר סי’ שם ס”ד; נתיבים בשדה השליחות ח”ב ע’ 225; שבת כהלכה ח”ג פ”כ סעיף עד2 (מחלק בין שובר לאוכל); שיעורי הלכה למעשה (לוין) או”ח סוף סי’ מו (שאין לחלק בהנ”ל).

[3] שוע”ר או”ח סי’ ג ס”ג.

[4] ראה נטעי גבריאל – תגלחת ילדים פ”ז ס”ו.

[5] שוע”ר סימן רצד ס”ב.

[6]  רמ”א או”ח סי’ קלא ס”א; מג”א שם סק”ד; שוע”ר שם ס”ב.

[7] פתחי חושן הלכות נזיקין פ”ד הערה מד.

[8]  אגרות קודש ח”כ ע’ קיז; חו”מ סי’ רצ ס”ח.

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