United Letter From Crown Heights Schools: Go Vote!

All Crown Heights schools united to issue a letter to anash of the community, urging them to go out and vote in the upcoming election on Tuesday.

Letter from all Crown Heights schools:

Dear Crown Heights Anash,

This Tuesday, Chof Tes Sivan, (June 28th, 2022) there will be a Democratic and Republican primary in New York for Assembly, District Leader, Governor, and Lt. Gov.

We are grateful for all your support, and for the over twenty thousand signatures you generated defending Yeshiva education.

We need to make our voices heard at the polls as well. 

Voting is the only way to ensure the elected officials take us seriously. 

As per the Rebbe’s request:

כ”ק אדמו”ר הורה לכל בעלי זכות הבחירה להשתתף בבחירות כדי להפגין הכח היהודי. — שיחות קודש תשמ”א 

Please make every effort to vote on Tuesday!


Click here to see the list of candidates endorsed by Crown Heights United PAC.

Lookup your early voting site and Election Day site here: https://findmypollsite.vote.nyc

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