UAE’s First Torah Was Sponsored by Shidduchim

The historic peace agreement between Israel and the UAE, inspired Uri and Adina Krausz to sponsor another historic first – the first Sefer Torah to be written on Emirati soil.

By reporter

Just weeks after the historic peace agreement between Israel and the United Arab Emirates, the gulf kingdom scored another historic first, the writing of a new Sefer Torah.

The new Torah was commissioned by Uri and Adina Krausz of Zurich, Switzerland, who said the historic peace agreement inspired them to sponsored the first Sefer Torah to be written on Emirati soil.

This isn’t the first Sefer Torah the couple sponsored. Last year, Adina Krausz sponsored a Sefer Torah to Chabad of Iceland led by Rabbi Avi Feldman, in honor of her husband Uri’s 50th birthday.

The Krausz’s who hail from Zurich, Switzerland, are close friends of the local Shluchim there Rabbi Mendel and Deby Rosenfeld, who put them in contact first with the Feldman’s and now with Duchman.

When complete, the Torah will be donated to Chabad of the United Arab Emirates, led by Shliach Rabbi Levi Duchman.

“In the past few years I merited to arrange a number of Shidduchim,” Krausz told “I used the Shadchanus gelt I made to sponsor the Sefer Torah.”

“It’s not yet fully paid so I hope to be able to arrange a few more Shidduchim soon” she says.

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  1. Inspirational
    I love this idea… will have this in mind for next time I make a Shidduch!! Thank you for sharing . Tizku lemizvos. Julie kaplan, Toronto

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