The Exclusivity of Torah Study

How do we impart to children the understanding that Torah is not just a subject like math, lehavdil, but is holy and intrinsically connects us with Hashem? Rabbi Michoel Gourarie of Sydney, Australia in a weekly Chinuch Hashkafa Message.

By staff

As reported on, the Chinuch Hashkafa Message is a weekly audio message by Rabbi Michoel Gourarie, a shliach and mechanech in Sydney, Australia to provide parents with the tools and information to talk to their children about the fundamentals of Yiddishkeit.

The 5-10 minute message, based on the Parsha or upcoming special days, contains concepts of foundational Torah hashkafa with ideas and stories for discussion. Parents could formulate the ideas in a style that is age-appropriate and most suitable for the children at the table.

To download the recording, click on the dots on the right side of the recording.

To receive the message each week via WhatsApp, click here.

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