New Weekly Chinuch Hashkafa Message

A new audio series by Rabbi Michoel Gourarie of Sydney, Australia aims to provide parents with tools and content to bolster their children’s emuna and Torah values.

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When parents repeatedly turned to him with issues of children feeling estranged from emunah and Torah values, Rabbi Michoel Gourarie of Sydney, Australia realized the need to provide parents with tools and information to talk to their children about the fundamentals of Yiddishkeit.

“The idea of a weekly message came up after speaking to teachers at a local school and hearing from them the extent of the issue,” Rabbi Gourarie told “Youth today are often insufficiently familiar with the fundamentals of our beliefs and we need to discuss it with them. The Shabbos table or other family meals are great opportunities to generate conversation and direct the discussion towards topics of healthy hashkafa.”

Rabbi Gourarie is a shliach and a veteran mechanech who guides both teachers and parents with direction and strategy in educating their youth.

“We live in difficult times.” he wrote in an introductory message. “The winds of distorted values and anti-Torah mindsets are widespread. Technology and exposure to secular culture have also broken down all protective boundaries. Dangerous hashkafa is infiltrating our communities, our homes and most importantly the minds of our young children. No one is immune, and no longer can we rely on learning and absorption by osmosis.”

The weekly 5-10 minute message, based on the Parsha or upcoming special days, will contain concepts of foundational Torah hashkafa with ideas and stories for discussion. Parents could formulate the ideas in a style that is age-appropriate and most suitable for the children at the table.

The first message in the series can be heard below.

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To download the recording, click on the dots on the right side of the recording.

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