Tanya Belongs to All

By Anash.org staff

It’s been several years now that the “Irgun Limud HaTanya” of Heichel Menachem of Boro Park, under the direction of Reb Yoel Naparstek, has been in operation, teaching hundreds of bochurim and yungeleit in Boro Park the “Torah Sheb’ksav of Chassidus.”

The program includes studying Tanya by using the “Chassidus Mevueres” series on Tanya, as well as the “Maynosecho” seforim on Tanya.

The program is a three-year track. The “Irgun” also prepares a daily schedule with review questions, and after every pre-set period of time, the bochurim and yungeleit get tested on what they learned.

The goal of learning the material is ultimately to bring it into action. A list of “points to ponder” is compiled, as well as the “Bilvovcho Lasoso” publication, which lists lessons in Avodas Hashem that we can take from the perokim that were studied.

Recently the annual siyum took place in Boro Park, with the guest speaker the mashpia Rav Nachman Yosef Twerski of Crown Heights, who spoke about the powerful effect of the Sefer HaTanya on our daily lives.

For the new z’man new talmidim are being accepted. Talmidim that completed year one will now be continuing on year 2 of the program, which has been very graciously sponsored l’iluy nishmas Shmuly Karnovsky, a”h.

You can help them in their holy work in honor of Chai Elul.

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