Suitcases of Seforim Brought to the Rebbe’s Library

Two Crown Heights brothers delivered over 50 seforim to the Central Chabad Library after searching in seforim stores for titles the library did not own.

By reporter

The Central Chabad Library received a donation of over 50 seforim on Sunday, thanks to a private initiative of two Crown Heights bochurim.

Loaded in suitcases and shopping bags, the seforim had been collected by brothers Menachem Mendel and Eliyahu Ezagui. The two brothers had taken a trip to seforim stores in recent days, and with the help of the library’s online catalog, they were able to find which seforim were not yet available there. In no time, they had a collection of over 50 seforim.

The donation was one of many by the brothers, who have donated hundreds of seforim in recent years. They say they were inspired by the Rebbe’s request that the library should receive copies of every sefer, and decided to do their part to fulfill the request.

“Usually, after spending half an hour in a seforim store, I find about twenty seforim the library does not have,” Mendel Ezagui told

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