Students Shine at Ohr Menachem “Nachas Evening”

Photos: Oded Kaizerman/

A special Chanukah event for students of Ohr Menachem in Crown Heights and their parents gave each student the opportunity to shine and each parent the chance to enjoy pure nachas.

On Tuesday evening, the 3rd lichtel the grand Lubavitch Yeshiva hall was bustling with fathers and sons celebrating together.

They were there for the ‘Neiros L’hoir’ performances by Cheder ‘Ohr Menachem,’ an annual highlight. The event that is a special opportunity for every talmid to shine on stage, displaying their beautiful talents.

The menahel Rabbi Mendel Yusewitz greeted all and then a grand welcome for the stars of the evening, Talmidim of Kitos Daled, Hey, Vov and Zayen. The event began with the 12 pesukim and maamorei razal which the Rebbe encourages every Tzivos Hashem chayol to repeat remember, and continuously stand out in his mind. Kita Gimmel came up with their melamed Rabbi Tanchum Abrams to lead the crowd in the 12 pesukim

Next comes the call of the hour, persumei nisa – hadlokas menorah by Rabbi Menachem Mendel Hacohen Hendel the menahel kloli. Following the hadlaka the talmidim of Kita Hey came up with the OMC (Ohr Menachem Kappeliye) director and mechanech Rabbi Chanoch Hecht.

The assembled then had the distinct zechus to receive the blessings of the Badatz from Rabbi Yosef Yeshaya Braun who praised the Ohr Menachem kinder known for being such special ‘neiros l’hoir’! Rabbi Yusewitz then emotionally acknowledged that we have been graced by the presence of the Rosh Yeshiva of YTTL Toronto Rabbi Akiva Wagner who we all continually daven for. All joined in saying Tehilim l’rifuas Michoel Akiva Gershon ben Rochel Basya

Next was Kita Daled, celebrating 4 years of work on their Tanya Baal Peh, they came up with their Melamed Rabbi Dovber Bryski to display fluency in 7 perokim Tanya! This is part of the larger initiative of TBP to have every talmid graduating Kita Zayen know the first 12 Prokim Tanya Baal Peh.

Following them was Kita Vov: Having concluded 4 seforim of Novi -Yehoshua, Shoftim, Shmuel Alef and Shmuel Beis- they presented beautifully the Nach characters. All the parents were spell bound. Finally, the Talmidim of Kita Zayin, with skits and props took the crowd through the history and memories from Rebbe’s Wedding 5689 and literally brought the experience to life.

Rabbi Yusewitz heartfully thanked all who made this event such a success, namely Rabbi Avrohom Rainitz, R’ Shlomi Frishman and hanahala members who work tirelessly behind the scenes Rabbi Zalman Goldstein and Rabbi Yossi Overlander and acharon choviv the one and only R’ Levi Hillel.

As one talmid was thanking a hanhala member on the way out holding his tatty’s hand, he said: “Chanukah celebration is only complete with the ‘nachas ovent’!”

The sweet ending: in addition to every Talmid getting treats and Chanukah gelt, as Talmidim of Kitos Vov and Zayen were heading out with their tanks to mivtzoim, they got trays of doughnuts to boost their tanks and mivtzoim.

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