Ohr Menachem Talmidim Shine at Chanukah Event

A special Chanukah event for students of Ohr Menachem in Crown Heights, and their parents gave each student the opportunity to shine, and each parent the chance to enjoy pure nachas.

The Ohr Menachem ‘Neiros L’hoir’ evening is really a special event and definitely a favorite. It’s that time when EVERY talmid has the moment to shine on stage displaying his talents.

It’s Sunday, Erev Chanukah, before 1:00 and the Razag ballroom is already filling up. Parents who came early were greeted by the sweet voices of the kitos 5, 6, 7 talmidim of the OMC’s (Ohr Menachem Kapelye) completing the final rehearsal. Backstage, Kita Hey is doing final touchups checking in on their props and costumes to creatively display a Sugia in Perek Hamafkid.

Then the clock hits 1:00, – show time. The evening was emceed by Rabbi Zalman Goldstein Hanhola of Ohr Menachem and famed mechanech in Crown Heights. Rabbi Goldstein begins with פותחין בדבר מלכות. He greets all and shares a Dvar Torah on the fast-approaching Yom Tov.

Kita Hey OMC singers were invited to open the event. They to take the stage singing the heartfelt niggun of ‘Kol Bayaar’. Afterwards, the Menahel Hamosdos, Rabbi Menachem Mendel HaCohen Hendel bentches all with Birkas Kohanim.

Then the Tzivos Hashem soldiers of Kita Gimmel come up with their Melamed Rabbi Tanchum Abrams to recite the 12 Pesukim and Maamorei Razal which the Rebbe encourages every TH Chayol to repeat and remember. Then was kita daled’s turn to display an amazing achievement: coming up with the vice Menahel Rabbi Yosef Overlander they all together said the entire 5th perek in Tanya by-heart! This is part of the larger initiative of TBP to have every talmid graduating Kita Zayen know the first 12 Prokim Tanya Baal Peh!

Following them was Kita Hey, under the guidance of their Melamed Rabbi Yisroel Botnick talmidim brought the Sugia of “Kol Lo Yadaina = Pshiusa He”, of Perek Hamafkid 35a. They skillfully displayed the opinions of Rav Nachman, Rava’s question and self explained answer and how it played out in the story of the lost nose rings.

Then Rabbi Levi Belinov the Melamed of Kita Vov brought up every talmid to share his contribution as a member and writer of the famous ‘Sofrei Hamelech’ biweekly, full-colored newsletter.

Next was an amazing and moving video presentation prepared by Kita Zayen on the “Power Of Mivtzoim”, and specifically Mivtza Kashrus. As part of the Hadlokas Neiros scene, Talmidim of OMC Kita Vov with Rabbi Yisroel Dovid Shmueli in the lead, sang an emotional rendition of the traditional Lubavitch Haneiros Halalu. Concluding with a heartfelt Tefilla for the Geula now!

An annual highlight of the event is the distribution of seforim prizes for all the talmidim who excelled throughout this year in TBP. The Menahel Rabbi Mendel Yusewitz called up every boy announcing his achievements. Bringing the event to a close Rabbi Yusewitz heartfully thanked all who made this event such a success, namely Rabbi Avrohom Rainitz and R’ Chanoch Hecht as well as for the successful TBP project that they lead. Also for the one and only R’ Levi Hilel and Hatomim Mendy Solish.

As one talmid was thanking a hanhala member on the way -out holding his Tatty’s hand, he said: “This is the best way ever to start Chanukah!”

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