Sponsor Gives $20 Towards New Tzivos Hashem Registrants

We all know someone that doesn’t go to a Chabad school but would still love to join Tzivos Hashem. For the next week, a generous donor will sponsor $20 off registration per child.

On Wednesday, Yud Shevat, Base Commander of Anash Kinder International Base, Sara’le Frankel received a special phone call. The call came directly from the Ohel, stating that in honor of Yud Shevat, a generous sponsor has stepped up to supplement the registration fee for any Chayol who signs up to the Anash Kinder base.

Anyone that signs up by Chof Beis Shevat (Jan 24) will receive $20 off registration per child!

We all know someone that doesn’t go to a Chabad school but would still love to join Tzivos Hashem. Hashem’s army needs every Jewish child to enlist so we can defeat the Yetzer Hara and bring Moshiach now and the Anash Kinder base is here to make that happen!

Every child from every background has a role to play in Hashem’s army. With multiple tracks geared to different levels of Torah observance, Tzivos Hashem Anash Kinder is there for you! If your child attends a school that is not a Tzivos Hashem base- whether it is a frum school or not- you can join the Anash Kinder base. Anash Kinder will provide you with all the resources that other Chayolim receive at school with Hachayol magazines, prizes, rank books, medals and more being shipped directly to your front door.

Take advantage of this special time to spread the word about Tzivos Hashem to anyone in your community who can benefit.

To have this exclusive promo applied to your account

Email [email protected] or

Whatsapp 347-669-3490

To set up a new account and/or register please go to tzivosHashem.com/mobile. If you need assistance please feel free to reach out. 

Let’s give the Rebbe the gift of new Chayolim!

This promo can only be applied to chayolim who have not yet registered this year.

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