Sheva Mitzvos Campaign to Reach Every Federal Inmate in the USA

After a Simchas Torah at Chabad Lubavitch of Montana inspired a new Sheva Mitzvos campaign, Rabbi Chaim Bruk paired up with Aleph Institute to bring the campaign to every single inmate in federal prisons around the USA.

After a Simchas Torah at Chabad Lubavitch of Montana inspired a new Sheva Mitzvos campaign, shliach Rabbi Chaim Bruk printed a beautiful brochure to enable Shluchim and Anash bring the Rebbe’s campaign to a world in desperate need for these eternal Noahide Laws. Many Shluchim have since ordered their own customized brochures at SpotlightXpress.

Now, working closely with Rabbi Mendy Katz of Aleph Institute, Rabbi Bruk has arranged for the brochure to be available to all inmates, Jewish and gentile, at all Federal Prisons around the country. It has been submitted and hopefully will be on their prison tablets in the next weeks as a Sheva Mitzvos App.

Shea Schneider, who is one of the prime backers of this initiative, insisted that this happens. “People who have landed in a prison cell for one reason or another, could benefit so much from learning about the Sheva Mitzvos; it can inspire them to make G-dly changes in their life and, for many of them, help guide them to a better life when they are freed,” said Schneider.

In addition, Bruk will be having 14,000 copies of the brochure delivered directly to Montana homes via local newspapers in the next few weeks, bringing this into countless living rooms and workplaces around Big Sky Country.

“We can’t be asleep at the wheel; the Aibershter wants a world living this way and the Rebbe demanded that we spread the word” said Rabbi Bruk.

You could partner with Chabad Lubavitch of Montana to cover the costs of this expensive campaign at

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