Retracing the Frierdiker Rebbe’s Steps, 80 Years Later

80 years after the Frierdiker Rebbe’s visit to Chicago, Rabbi Meyer Ebert visited the home where the Frierdiker Rebbe was hosted, as well as the location of the shul where he davened and said maamorim.

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80 years after the Frierdiker Rebbe’s visit to Chicago in 5702, Rabbi Meyer Ebert retraced his steps by visiting the home where the Frierdiker Rebbe was hosted.

He also visited the location of the original Bnei Reuven shul on the West Side of Chicago, where the Frierdiker Rebbe davened and said maamorim during his visit. The shul has since moved, and the original location is now an empty lot.

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  1. Corrections:
    1) That’s the house where the Frierdiker Rebbe stayed in his FIRST visit, in 1930. See Toldos Chabad B’Artzos Habris, ch. 16 for some fascinating info about it.
    At the second visit, in 1942, the Frierdiker Rebbe stayed at a hotel. See Kuntres Bikur Chicago. Today it is no longer standing.
    2) The site of Bnei Reuven is not a parking lot. R. Moshe Shayevitz worked very hard that the Shul should not be sold. After the neighborhood changed, the Shul was vandalized, so it had to be demolished, but the Shul still owns the empty lot.

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