Reader Sponsors 10,000 Copies of Shliach’s Book

A reader enjoyed the book written by Panama shliach Rabbi Gabriel Benayon so much that he is sponsoring the printing of 10,000 copies, to be distributed through the shluchim in Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Guatemala, and Spain.

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Published in Spanish and Portuguese six years ago, “From My Anxiety to Your Happiness”, a book written by Panama shliach Rabbi Gabriel Benayon, has already helped thousands of people.

One reader enjoyed the book so much that he decided that it should reach every Jew, everywhere. He pledged to sponsor the printing of 10,000 books to be distributed through the Chabad shluchim in Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Guatemala, and Spain.

After personally experiencing the effects of anxiety and panic attacks, Rabbi Gabriel Benayon felt that he is a shliach to help others overcome similar challenges.

Over 15 years, Rabbi Benayon developed his own method to dealing with anxiety and similar struggles, based on his experiences and the teachings of Chassidus. The result: A book titled “From My Anxiety to Your Happiness,” in which he relates his personal journey through anxiety, obsessive thoughts and panic attacks.

“The book gives the reader the tools to understand how anxiety gets activated and how to channel it in a positive direction in order to overcome it and actualize one’s potential,” Rabbi Benayon said.

The book was recently translated in English for the benefit of the American crowd as well.

At the moment, 1,000 books are being distributed by the Merkos Shluchim program in Argentina, directed by Rabbi Ari Sigaloff. The remaining 9,000 books will be distributed by the Shluchim before Rosh Hashana.

The Rabbis that are participating in this project and will receive and distribute the 10,000 books are:

Rabbi Shlomo Levy
Rabbi Ari Sigaloff
Rabbi Tubia Serber
Rabbi Shneor Mizrachi
Rabbi Yoel Migdal
Rabbi Gad Pichel
Rabbi David Libersohn
Rabbi Levi Feiguelshtock
Rabbi Ludman
Rabbi Yossi Turk
Rabbi Shlomo Tawil
Rabbi David Stoler
Rabbi Israel Soriano
Rabbi Daniel Levy
Rabbi Eliezer and Mendi Shemtov
Rabbi Abraham Benchimol
Rabbi Ionatan Sirota
Rabbi Rafi Tawil
Rabbi Shalom Pelman
Rabbi Tzvi Lipinski

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