Pulling Out Teeth for Cosmetic Looks?

Anash.org feature: Dayan Levi Yitzchok Raskin, Rov of Anash in London, explores interesting Torah questions and halachic dilemmas including brocho after harmful foods, dental implant from a cadaver, pulling out teeth for cosmetic reasons, and rolling one’s beard on Shabbos.

The following issues are discussed by Rabbi Raskin in this week’s episode:

  1. Feedback on saying a Brocho Acharona after eating harmful foods:[1]
  2. I understand that Kaddish is said by the sons of the deceased ר”ל during the 11 months after passing, to provide respite for the soul of the deceased. Why then do the sons say Kaddish on Shabbos too, when the souls have respite anyway? [2]
  3. I am saying Kaddish for my late uncle ע”ה. Since I daven slowly, I would like to daven ahead alone until Borchu, say קדיש דרבנן, and then go on with the brochos of Shema?[3]
  4. On Shabbos we don’t say Tachanun. What about the prayer said just before המפיל?[4]
  5. For the purpose of a dental implant, may one use a bone from a cadaver?[5]
  6. May one pull out teeth for aesthetic reasons? [6]
  7. Is there any issue with rolling or tucking one’s beard (according to Lubavitch minhogim), especially on a Shabbos after Mikveh? [7]
  8. What is the right way to heat up baby formula on Shabbos – either dry powder or liquid?[8]
  9. At Havdoloh we say the Brochoh on the wine. We then say two more brochos: on spices and on the flame. Is there a parallel to this, where we say a brochoh on wine etc, then say Brochos that do not “relate” to the wine – but are relevant to Havdoloh? [9]
  10. Is this week’s Haftoiro affected by the fact that last Shabbos we didn’t read the Haftoiroh of Vayakhel? [10]

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