Please Keep Shabbos

In this maineh, the Rebbe presents Shabbos as a personal request from our Father in Heaven to each individual Yid. In this emotional appeal, the Rebbe describes how Hashem pleads with each of us to keep Shabbos for His sake as well as our own.

Hashem, King of kings, blessed the day of Shabbos, made it holy and gave it the ability to lift up and add life to the Jewish people. (This is true even for those who do not feel it, just as rain benefits a field even if its owner slept through the storm and is completely unaware that it fell).

Hashem asks his sons and daughters, the Jewish people, that on the day that He stops and rests, we should too, and tells us in great detail how to act.

In the words of our sages, Hashem begs us not to desecrate the day that He chose from all of the other days.

What further reason can someone need to keep Shabbos than the fact that his Father, the King, stands at his side (because Hashem is everywhere), and pleads “My child, please have mercy on me and do not disturb my enjoyment of Shabbos, by desecrating the day in my presence. Instead, you too should enjoy the Shabbos together with your family, and from Shabbos (and from the way it is treated) blessing is given to the entire week…”

I will read your pa”n, in an auspicious time, at the Ohel.

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  1. If it’s an article regarding a maaneh.. only two candles in the picture? The Rebbe spoke many times of always having an added 3rd candle in any publication regarding neshek.
    Thank you for the great content!!

  2. Please note: Since The Rebbe initiated Mivtza Neshek, all publications-websites etc. featuring Shabbos licht, include a smaller licht for a daughter. Moshiach NOW

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