Parsha Podcasts: Netzovim-Rosh Hashono is pleased to bring you a curated selection of audio shiurim on Parshas Netzonvim and Rosh Hashono.

Many kinds of Yidden

At the beginning of this week’s parsha, the Torah lists ten kinds of yidden. 

Listen to a powerful lesson we learn from this, delivered by Rabbi Berel Bell, rov of Anash Montreal.


The Path to Achdus

Parshas Nitzavim always immediately precedes Rosh Ha’shana. One of the reasons for this is, because our Parsha teaches us a powerful lesson about achdus, the perfect vessel for Hashem’s berochos for the new year.

Listen to a summary of a Sicha on this topic, delivered in Yiddish by Reb Yoel Kahn

To see a video of the shiur and to read an English transcript click here.


The Simanim That Are Eaten On Rosh Hashanah

On Rosh Hashanah we eat special foods of significance that represent various berochos.

Listn to short shiur on all the various simanim, delivered by Rabbi Yaakov Goldstein of

Click here for a written summary of this including sources.


Confusing the Soton

We don’t bless the month this week, as we usually do on the Shabos before Rosh Chodesh, in order to confound the Soton. How can we really confuse a Mala’ach?

Listen to a summary of a Sicha on this topic, delivered in Yiddish by Rabbi Leib Altein of Heichal Menachem


Harav Levi Yitzchak Rosh Hashono (New)

The gematriah of Rosh Hashono teaches us what Rosh Hashono is all about.

Listen to a short vort from the Rebbe’s father, delivered by Rabbi Moshe Gourarie, an editor of Chassidus Mevueres on Tanya.

Crowning Hashem

On Rosh Hashono we crown Hashem as our king. 

Listen to Rabbi Boruch Epstein of Beis Menachem Chicago IL, explain what this teaches us about our relation with Hashem.


The Inner Meaning of Shofar 

Listen to an in depth shiur on the inner meaning Mitzvah of shofar, as taught in chassidus.

Delivered by Rabbi Leib Schapiro, Rov and Rosh Yeshiva Miami Fl.


The Shehechiyanu Blessing on Rosh Hashanah

A in depth Halachic discussion about saying Shehechiyanu on the second day of rosh hashono, including insights from the Rebbe’s Sichos and letters.

Delivered by Rabbi Elimelech Silberberg, rov and shliach in West Bloomfield, MI.


What Mitzvah is the Torah referring to?

In this week’s parsha the Torah states: “For this Mitzvah which I command you this day, is not concealed from you, nor is it far away”. What is “this Mitzvah”?

Listen to an in depth shiur on this topic delivered by renowned lecturer Rabbi Yossi Paltiel.


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