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Why didn’t Avrohom give himself a bris prior to Hashem’s command?

we know that Avrohom kept all the Mitzvos even without being commanded, why was the Mitzva of bris milla different?

Listen to a summary of what chassidus explains about this, delivered by Rabbi Berel Bell, rov of Anash Montreal.


The Definition of a Jew

The story of Avrohom, as told in the Chumash, begins when he was already seventy-five years old. The Torah completely omits everything about the prior events of his life. Why is this so?

Listen to a summary of a Sicha on this topic, delivered in Yiddish by Reb Yoel Kahn. To see a video of the shiur, and for an English transcript of this shiur click here.


Mistakenly Saying Visein Tal Umatar After Sukkos?

After Sukkos, once we are already saying mashiv horuach, it can happen that one mistakenly says vesein tal umotor, even before the 5th of December. What does one do if he made that mistake?

Listen to short shiur on the topic (in connection with the 7th of Cheshvan), delivered by Rabbi Yaakov Goldstein of

Click here for a written summary of this including sources.


Harav Levi Yitzchak on Lech Lecha (New)

Listen to a short vort from the Rebbe’s father about Avrohom’s avoda, delivered by Rabbi Moshe Gourarie, an editor of Chassidus Mevueres on Tanya.

“Lech Lecho”

The opening words of our parsha teach us an important lesson.

Delivered by Rabbi Boruch Epstein of Beis Menachem Chicago IL.


Ten Tests of Avrohom Avinu

An in depth shiur discussing the ten tests of Avrohom, based on Pirkie D’Rabi Eliezer, Rambam and more. 

Delivered by renowned lecturer Rabbi Yossi Paltiel.


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