New Space for Bochurim’s Learning Created in 770

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After the Kingston viber shul in 770 was renovated to make it into a space for bochurim to study, an entirely new space was created behind it where bochurim will be able to sit and learn.

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An entirely new room was created behind the Kingston viber shul in 770 Eastern Parkway to give more space for the bochurim in the 770 Yeshiva to sit and study.

Over the past few months, a quiet revolution has been taking place at the 770 Yeshiva. Until just a few short months ago, a bochur studying in the Central Yeshivas Tomchei Tmimim had limited seats to chose from, with the vast majority reserved and passed down from brother to brother, from friend to friend, or even from long-lost-cousin to another. This led to many bochurim remaining without a set seat, causing some to study at other venues, or even leave the 770 Yeshiva.

At the start of this yeshiva year, that finally began to change. At first, bochurim began learning in the ‘Kingston viber shul‘, which until then had only been open and used for women on Shabbos. Renovations were made to the viber shul to accommodate the bochurim, and now there were more seats available.

During the winter, a new passageway was added between 770’s main shul and the Kingston viber shul, allowing direct access between the two, and circumventing the need for bochurim to enter through the ‘tashlich’ area.

But additional room was still needed to accommodate the growing number of bochurim each year, and to allow them to study with peace of mind. And with that need came the most innovative idea of them all: An entirely new room, built at the rear of the Kingston viber shul.

The room was prepared over the past few months, with the approval of all relevant parties. It was then prepared to accommodate the bochurim, and and the new room was opened to the existing parts of the viber shul.

Unlike the previous moves, which came up with more efficient ways to utilize existing space, this room is one that was created where there wasn’t one before, thus adding a full new area for the bochurim to learn. The new space will also serve as additional room for the women to daven on Shabbos and Yom Tov, and especially Tishrei.

During the week, the new room is accessed from the main zal of 770, through which one enters the viber shul by way of the new door, and passes through to reach the new room. On Shabbos and Yom Tov, the door to the main zal is closed, as the entire viber shul, including the new addition, is accessed through Kingston Avenue.

As soon as the room was opened and ready, bochurim filled it without delay, utilizing the new and expansive place to daven and learn, with some of them returning to learn in 770 after months of learning in other locations.

VIDEO: Overview of the new areas

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