New PowerPoint Sicha Series Launched

New feature on Weekly sicha explained in a lucid PowerPoint presentation by Rabbi Chananya Hoffinger of Gemara Academy.

Rabbi Hoffinger is the creator and developer of the Gemara Academy method and curriculum. Chananya has 7 years of experience teaching Gemara and experienced firsthand the difficulties that arise when learning and teaching Gemara.

In light of the proven success of the Gamara Academy, and its classroom-tested tools and methods for Gemara learning, Rabbi Hoffinger is now applying these methods to the study of Lekutei Sichos.

In honor of Shnas Hashivim, from now until yud shevat the sicha series will appear every week on

This week’s sicha is from Likutei Sichos Chelek Hei on the famous question if the Avos kept the entire Torah, then how did Yaakov marry two sisters?

For dedications and sponsorship opportunities please email email [email protected] or 347-534-6153.

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  1. Amazing content!!! Finally, I can learn a Sicha thoroughly with clarity!! Thank you Reb Chananya for your amazing work for the Rebbe!

  2. What a gift! Always had trouble understanding Sichos but Rabbi Hoffinger has a gift of making a complex subject so clear! Thank you!

  3. What can I say, he’s doing a wonderful job.
    This is our son Chananya!
    My whole family is very proud of him.
    Continued very great success, בסייד.
    Mr. & Mrs. Boruch N. Hoffinger

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