New Mitzvah Tank to Replace One Destroyed in Fire

A devastating fire destroyed one of the Chabad Mitzvah Tanks which heads out to Manhatten every day. Your help is needed to put this incredible vehicle of the Rebbe’s mivtzoim back to its post.

Mitzvah Tank NYC is a mobile hotspot for Yiddishkeit in New York.

Everything from farbrengens, spontaneous music and dancing, to the thousands of Tefilin and mivtzoyim conducted on board have made this beloved Mitzvah Tank a staple of Manhattan.

Following a devastating fire last week, we were forced to put this incredible vehicle of good to its early retirement.

But what about the thousands of Yidden who count on the Mitzvah Tank?

What about Yiddishkeit on the streets in Manhattan? Does it all come to a halt? We cannot wait a single day!

We MUST put a bigger, better, newer Mitzvah Tank in its place!

Insurance was able to cover roughly $20,000 of the vehicle. We must raise another $55,000!

Did you know that literally tens of thousands of Jews have put on tefillin in the Mitzvah tank each year? Hundreds for their very first time! Simply moving on is NOT AN OPTION!

We need your help to put this incredible vehicle of the Rebbe’s mivtzoyim back to its post, and to continue to bring so much light into this world.

The Rebbe held a special place in his heart for the mitzvah tank, and anyone who occupied himself in the Rebbe’s mivtzoyim.

We need your help to continue!
We need you!
NYC needs you!
The Rebbe needs you!

Click here to take part in this worthy cause.

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