Mitzvah Tank Goes Up in Flames, Arson Suspected

A Chabad Mitzvah Tank parked on one of the streets in Crown Heights went up in flames in an overnight fire. Police opened an investigation into the incident.

By reporter

A Mitzvah Tank parked on one of the streets in Crown Heights was destroyed in an overnight fire which caused a great deal of damage to the tank and all the contents inside.

The Mitzvah Tank was parked on one of the streets in the Crown Heights neighborhood, ready to set out on Thursday morning mivtzoim when it suddenly went up in flames.

Firefighters who quickly arrived at the scene extinguished the fire but not before extensive damage was done to the vehicle’s interior and exterior. The police opened an investigation into the case, and a suspected arson attack is being investigated.

Mitzvah Tank NYC offers Jewish people the opportunity to perform a mitzvah on the go. In addition, the Mitzvah Tanks have become involved with volunteer work with those less fortunate, including the large homeless population whom they have come to befriend over the years.

Earlier this year the mitzvah tank was vandalized with pro-Palestinian graffiti, on two separate occasions. Both those incidents were investigated as hate crimes.

Rabbi Yehuda Pewzner, director of the Mitzvah Tank, said “I will not allow this to stop our activity and I’m starting now on my work to get the funding for a new Mitzvah tank.”

Rabbi Yosef Yitzchok Kratz, who is a regular volunteer on the tank told that “Our fleet of Mitzvah Tanks and volunteers are not intimidated or deterred by this hateful incident. In fact, we are already back to our usual programming.”

To donate to cover the damages and restore the tank, click here.


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  1. I see that the Rebbe picture wasn’t damaged. Did the teffilin or Chitas survive aswell?

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