New Members Elected to Florida’s Vaad Hashluchim

Three years after Florida Head Shliach Rabbi Avraham Korf announced the creation of a Vaad Hashluchim for Florida, a new Vaad was elected after 273 Florida shluchim voted.

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Seven Florida shluchim were elected to serve on the Vaad Hashluchim of Florida, which helps oversee various aspects of shlichus in the state.

The creation of the Vaad was announced in 5780 by Florida’s Head Shliach Rabbi Avraham Korf. As reported by at the time, Rabbi Korf wrote that the Vaad would identify underserved locations and assist in bringing new shluchim, sign off on any contract between shluchim, propose uniform codes of conduct, serve as arbitrators, and serve as a resource to Shluchim for any need that may arise.

In line with the guidelines established at the time, new elections were recently held in Florida, with 273 shluchim participating. After certifying the elections, the results were announced by the “Vaad Habchiros.”

The new vaad members are Rabbis Yosef Raichik, Yossie Biston, Berl Goldman, Eli Lipskar, Zalman Levitin, Meir Kessler, and Fishel Zaklos.

Rabbi Sholom Dubov will serve as the ready substitute to keep the Vaad fully functional if any of the current 7 Vaad members are no longer able to serve.

“With a 93% turnout [to vote], it is obvious to all how important this election is, and how much trust the hundreds of Shluchim in Florida have invested in the newly elected Vaad,” the Vaad Habchiros wrote in an email to Florida shluchim.

“With thanks to Rabbi Benjy Korf for his help and direction, we wish all the Shluchim in the state of Florida much Bracha and Hatzlacha in their holy Shlichus,” they wrote.

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