New Connecticut Yeshiva Expands Before it Even Opens

News of the opening of a new Chabad Yeshiva in Suffield, Connecticut, generated so much interest that the Hanhala announces the hire of Rabbi Menachem Mendel Sorkin, who will serve as mashpia, and is also opening registration for a Mesivta Shiur Beis.

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A new Chabad Yeshiva, set to open in Suffield, Connecticut, for the upcoming year, has already expanded their capacity after a surge of interest.

As first reported on, the new Yeshiva Ketana will be headed by Rabbi Menachem Mendel Fogelman, who will be serving as the rosh yeshiva, as well as the menahel. Serving as overall Dean and Menahel of the Yeshiva campus will be Rabbi Benzion Bluming.

With the hiring Rabbi Menachem Mendel Sorkin, who will serve as the mashpia for the Mesivta, and the overwhelming interest and response has led the hanhala to open registration for a Shiur Beis for the new year, a move that had originally been planned for next year.

The new yeshiva will endeavor to uncover the Rebbe Rashab’s highly important mission in founding Tomchei T’mimim, and apply this vision and values as the centerpiece of its rigorous curriculum and core being. It will be a Yeshivah where chassidishe values and principles will be at the core of the fabric of the Yeshivah, fused into its Limud HaTorah, davening, farbrengens, and much more.

The yeshiva has acquired a beautiful and large property on the Connecticut river, in Suffield CT. This building is a ready to use high-end first-class facility with 135,000 sq. ft. building situated on 57 Acres, in beautiful Suffield CT., with 900 feet of frontage on the Connecticut river. It includes several large study halls (Zals), 167 dorm rooms, Olympic sized indoor swimming pool, gym, large library, and more.

“The location and amenities will help make the Yeshiva to be a place for a bochur of today to be fully involved in Avodas Hashem, learning Torah – Nigleh and Chassidus – and Ahavas Yisroel, without needing to worry about anything else,” the hanhala said.

The hanhala told that the current expansion is only the beginning, with plans for more shiurim, as well as a Yeshiva Gedola, to be opened on the Yeshiva campus, as time progresses.

For general information about the Yeshiva or registration, please visit

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