Nearly Entire Coral Springs Community Attends Avos U’Banim

Virtually the entire Coral Springs Chabad community joined the local Avos u’Banim program this week, which took place at Chabad of Coral Springs, led by Mendy Dalfin.

Photos: Dovid Levi

Nearly the entire Chabad community of Coral Springs showed up for the inaugural Avos u’Banim this past Motzei Shabbos, held in Chabad of Coral Springs, and led by Mendy Dalfin.

The program gathered fathers and sons from across the community for an hour of quality learning time after Shabbos concluded. The fathers chose a sefer, reviewing material their sons had studied in school, or learning a new topic together with their children.

Following the learning, the children recited the 12 pesukim, led by the boys who has studied the most studiously. A number of exciting prizes were then raffled off, and the boys enjoyed refreshments and burgers.

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