Momentous ‘Amud Yomi’ Siyum Celebrated in London

Learners of the Lubavitch Gemara program around the world joined a celebration in London led by Rabbonim Levi Yitzchok Raskin, Yossel Schtroks, Dan Naftalin, and Shmuel Lew.

By staff

On Tuesday evening, 28th Adar I, a grand siyum was held for ‘Amud Yomi L’Anash’ participant’s conclusion of Masechta Berachos.

The Siyum was broadcasted live for participants worldwide from the Lubavitch Beis Hamedrash in the Stamford Hill section of London.

The Siyum was graced with the participation of the Mora D’asra Dayan Levi Yitzchok Raskin, and the programs esteemed Magidei Shiur, Rabbi Yossel Schtroks and Rabbi Dan Naftalin, the noted Mechanech Rabbi Shmuel Lew, and the Amud Yomi Loimdim.

Rabbi Naftalin made the Siyum on Masechta Berachos and elaborated on the concluding Chazal that those who study Torah bring peace to the world and the relevance it has today.

Rabbi Schtroks initiated the new Masechta, Eruvin, recommended Amud Yomi as the ideal quota for someone seeking to maintain his Gemara learning alongside the other learning commitments of Chitas, Rambam, Chassidus, and so on.

Rabbi Shmuel Lew inspired the audience with divrei chizuk describing daily Gemara study as the “bread and butter” of a Chossid and shared the context of his own longstanding Amud Yomi commitment.

Rabbi Naftali Loewenthal, a noted author and Shliach in London, and a veteran Amud Yomi learner shed light on the tremendous ruchniusdike impact that Gemara learning has on us. He shared how he initially became inspired to undertake his Amud Yomi commitment and the impact that it had.

Participants of the Amud Yomi L’anash program then shared their own experiences and the benefits that the Amud Yomi L’ansh program has brought them.

By Hashgacha Protis, the evening was shared with two local Anash who made siyumim on additional mesechtos and marked a Yahrzeit.

Amud Yomi is now starting Mesechta Eruvin and it’s a perfect time to join.

For more details about the program, visit:, or email [email protected]



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