Mitzvah Tank Vandalized With Pro-Palestinian Messages

It’s not just about Israel: When Rabbi Yehuda Pevzner arrived at his Mitzvah Tank, which had been parked in Manhattan overnight, he discovered that it had been defaced with pro-Palestinian stickers and graffiti.

By reporter

It’s not just about Israel.

On Thursday morning, Rabbi Yehuda Pevzner arrived in Manhattan to man his Mitzvah Tank, he discovered a shocking sight.

Mitzvah Tanks NYC, headed by Rabbi Yehuda Pevzner, sends out a mitzvah tank six days a week to locations across Brooklyn and Manhattan. Bochurim and anash join Rabbi Pevzner to offer Yidden a chance to don tefillin or do another mitzvah.

Over the past few weeks, the Tanks have seen even more success than usual, with many Yidden galvanized to do mitzvos in response to hateful antisemitism on display all over.

Yet, for some people, any sign of Judaism was enough to send them into a fury. At some point during the night hours on Wednesday, stickers, flyers and graffiti with pro-Palestinian messages were pasted and graffitied onto the tank, including on some of the pictures of Rebbe displayed on the tank.

Once again, the pro-Palestinian protestors show that it is not merely Israel’s action, or even the existence of Israel that they are protesting against: It is against every Jew, in New York or in Jerusalem, with a black hat, a kipa seruga, or none at all…

“We will not let this stop us,” Rabbi Pevzner told “We will continue spreading Yiddishkeit with pride, proclaiming to the entire world that ‘Am Yisroel Chai!'”

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