Mitzvah Tank Parade Conquers the Streets of New York City

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Tens of thousands of New Yorkers and tourists were reminded of the message of Pesach by Mitzvah Tank Parade on Thursday, which drove through the streets of NYC ahead of Yud Alef Nissan, the Rebbe’s 121st birthday.

Seventy-three Mitzvah Tanks drove by 770 on Thursday on their way to parade through the streets of Brooklyn and Manhattan, while large crowds of onlookers cheered them on.

This year’s parade featured 73 Mitzvah Tanks, symbolizing the Rebbe’s 73 years of nesius. The parade is a symbol of unity and love for the Rebbe, and an opportunity to spread the joy and message of Pesach and Yud Alef Nissan to people from all walks of life.

The parade saw nearly 2,000 Bochrim from 30 Yeshivas traveling on Mitzvah tanks. It is an annual beloved event that highlights the importance of spreading the light of Pesach to Jews around New York City.

The parade began in Crown Heights, passing by 770 on the service lane with crowds of onlookers seeing it off.

The parade then continued to Grand Army Plaza and through the streets of Brooklyn, before dividing up and crossing all three bridges into Manhattan. Once there, the tanks split up to 73 locations where bochurim and children distributed thousands of shmurah matzahs, put tefillin on with hundreds of men, and spread the message of Rebbe’s message to countless Jews and non-Jews.

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