Mesivta Monticello to Add Second Shiur Level

The Monticello Mesivta, opening this coming year in Monticello, New York, is opening a second class to cater to chassidishe bochurim of various levels.

Mesivta Monticello is pleased to announce that there has been incredible interest, beyond what was initially expected, and as a result, they will be offering a second-level shiur–one a faster, more advanced shiur, and one a more personalized, level-appropriate shiur.

The advanced shiur is B”H nearly full with bochurim from all age levels, even shiur gimmel age bochurim plan to participate. The level-appropriate shiur still has some space, comprised of bochurim who are advanced in other areas of chassidishkeit, and on a par-level of learning.

The Mesivta offers a chassidishe environment and yeshiva experience, with minimal distractions and the right atmosphere and tools to excel in growing in learning and chassidishe conduct.

Please call (845) 397-0703 ‬for more details. Or email [email protected].

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