Mashbak Recalls Podiatrist’s Visit to 770

In the 24 hours since Dr. Warren Joseph shared his encounter with the Rebbe, the story has gone viral and left many with unanswered questions. One chossid shed some light by sharing memories of his own.

By Shimshon Junik

By way of introduction, I would like to say that during the period of time (1990-92) the Rebbe was dealing with some type of infection on his foot. Dr. Robert Feldman would generally come twice a day (sometimes even 3 times a day) in order to clean and dress it.
I would like to point out his mesiras nefesh and devotion to the Rebbe. When the Rebbe was ready to see the doctor, he would tell Rabbi Groner that Dr. Feldman can come. When Dr. Feldman arrived in 770, Rabbi Groner would tap lightly on the door and wait for the Rebbe to say “Arien” (come in). Sometimes the Rebbe would get busy and wouldn’t respond for a few minutes or even an hour.
Dr. Feldman never complained or said a word about how long he needed to wait. Dr. Feldman’s practice was especially busy in the evening. He would have an office full of patients, but the moment Rabbi Groner called, he would drop everything and run over to 770. He waited till the Rebbe was ready for him, enter the room and treat the Rebbe. All this took plenty of time. Imagine the pressure he was under and how is practice was being challenged. As a loyal chossid, he did what had to be done. 
I was excited to hear the report from Dr. Warren. I was there when “a doctor from Philadelphia” came. I heard the name at the time but didn’t remember it. This is what I saw.
Dr. Warren Joseph was brought to the Rebbe through the efforts of Dr. Feldman in 1991. I was outside in Gan Eden Hatachton while Dr Joseph, Dr. Feldman and Rabbi Groner were in the room with the Rebbe.
In middle of the visit, Dr. Feldman came out of the Rebbe’s room and said, He needs a pulse oximeter to measure the Rebbe’s O2 Saturation. There were none in 770. I told him that I had one at home that I use for my son Shmueli. He told me to run home and bring it. Those days the machines were heavy, about 20 lbs.
When I came back to 770 with the machine. I offered it to Dr. Feldman to take it into the room. He responded no, you come in with me and help set it. I really didn’t want to go into the Rebbe’s room so I said I’ll only go in if Rabbi Groner says I should go in. He went into the room briefly, came out and said, it’s ok, come in.
When I entered the Rebbe’s room I saw The Rebbe was wearing his kapote and looked to see who came in.  Dr. Joseph was sitting on a chair with his back to EP. Dr. Feldman and Rabbi Groner were both standing. I put down the machine next to Dr. Joseph and directed him from the side how to connect it.
When I was done, I immediately went and stood behind Rabbi Groner so I wouldn’t be seen again as I was uncomfortable. Dr. Joseph did his test and had some conversation about the results he was seeing.  After a few minutes, I took the machine and went out.

To watch the video of Dr. Warren Joseph recounting his experience, click here.

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