Live: Virtual Siyum on Rambam Sefer Kinyan

Join live at 9:00 PM ET: An international Siyum celebrating the completion of Sefer Kinyan, will feature a talk by Rabbi Sholom Ber Shuchat on Rambam in the Practical, and Rabbi Yossi Lipskier on his upcoming Sefer Otzar Hamelech.

Today, Chassidim the world over will complete the twelfth book of the Rambam, Sefer Kinyan. A virtual Siyum, organized once again by, will take place tonight at 9:00 EDT.

The Siyum will feature Rabbi Sholom Ber Shuchat, Rosh Kollel L’horaah Maasis in Crown Heights, who will discuss Rambam in the practical, seeing halacha through modern glasses.

Rabbi Yossi Lipskier from Sherman Oaks, CA, author of the upcoming Sefer Otzar Hamelech will give you an inside story on his meticulously researched volume, containing over 4,000 pieces of the Rebbe’s commentary on Rambam.

Rabbi Lipskier’s work was enthusiastically received by Anash worldwide, especially by leading Rabbonim, Roshei Yeshivos and Shluchim. Many expressed the hope that the source sheets would be organized and printed in a Sefer.

The program will be hosted by the popular Rabbi Raleigh Resnick of the Tri-Valley, CA, and will conclude with a trivia challenging our viewers to their mastery of Sefer Kinyan.

Tune in live here:

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