Innovative Work Compiles All of Rebbe’s Explanations on Rambam

History in the making: For the very first time, a comprehensive index like no other is being created. 700 pages compiling all of the Rebbe’s explanations on the Rambam’s magnum opus, Mishneh Torah.

Just after Gimmel Tammuz 5780, as the new cycle of Limmud HaRambam was about to begin, a few Shluchim gathered together to launch an initiative that would promote the daily study of 3 Perokim Rambam per day.

In no time, was born. A platform (both online and on WhatsApp) offering incredible resources, including both all-English and advanced Shiurim, daily review quizzes and a lineup of renowned talmidei chachamim, who give a daily Shiur on one Halacha in depth.

The crown jewel of this great project has been the groundbreaking podcast, “Rambam with the Rebbe”.

Each day, Rabbi Yossi Lipskier from Sherman Oaks, CA, presents a concise summary of all the Rebbe’s explanations on the daily Rambam, accompanied by a comprehensive source sheet.

Over the years, other indexes on Rambam have been produced with a similar goal in mind, many of which benefited Rabbi Lipskier’s work greatly. However, his meticulous research method led him to leave no stone unturned, resulting in a product that includes everything: From full-length, edited Sichos, to small tidbits shared on a Sukkos night. From lessons drawn at children’s rallies and women’s conventions, to obscure footnotes scattered across the over 200 published volumes of the Rebbe’s Torah. From entries in the Rebbe’s personal Reshimos, to handwritten notes printed in wedding Teshuros over the years.

Rabbi Lipskier’s work was enthusiastically received by Anash worldwide, especially by leading Rabbonim, Roshei Yeshivos and Shluchim. Many expressed the hope that the source sheets would be organized and printed in a Sefer.

Now, as we approach the 40th Siyum Harambam, to take place on Gimmel Tammuz 5781, that is exactly what’s happening.

Kehot Publication Society, the official publishing house of Chabad-Lubavitch, has graciously agreed to print the Sefer, aptly titled “Otzar Hamelech”, a treasure trove containing over 4,000 pieces of the Rebbe’s commentary on Rambam (see a sample draft below).

Special thanks to Rabbi Moshe and Ruty Weiss, Shluchim to Sherman Oaks, CA, for their generous grant towards the printing of the Sefer.

With Hashem’s help, the Sefer will be available in stores in time for the Siyum Harambam, on Gimmel Tammuz.

Dedication opportunities are available. If you would like to honor or memorialize a relative, friend or loved one in this monumental Sefer, please reach out by email to [email protected].

You can also support this incredible work by sending smaller donations via Zelle, Venmo or PayPal to [email protected].

To receive the Rambam Resources daily, please WhatsApp: +18188260851.

Click here to download a sample.

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